Abu Dhabi Residents Woke Up To Some Hauntingly Dense Fog This Morning


Abu Dhabi residents were quite surprised to have waken up to striking yet haunting foggy conditions this morning, with some sharing their view on social media.

Although Dubai has seen its fair share of fog in the last few weeks, the neighbouring Emirates of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain are now experiencing dense fog and cooler weather compared to previous days.

Many residents noticed the density of the fog at around 8am

Visibility was not as evident due to the fog and mist


Although these pictures do it justice, residents were warned to stay cautious and drive safely!

Abu Dhabi authorities warned motorists to watch out for new speed reductions when announced

…Especially since the foggy mornings have taken place since Thursday and could continue for a few more days.

Drivers are urged to increase the distance between their vehicles, this means to leave ample space between their car and the one ahead so that accidents can be avoided.

Also, no overtaking or changing lanes in these weather conditions!

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