Abu Dhabi Health Department Shuts Down Two Healthcare Facilities


The Department of Health – Abu Dhabi (DoH) has taken some hard-hitting action against two healthcare facilities that were found to be violating important standards and regulations.

DoH has shut down two healthcare facilities that were found to be cutting corners

One facility, a medical centre, was shut down after inspectors found discrepancies in patient records and a failure to adhere to departmental circulars and policies.

Additionally, a doctor associated with the centre has been suspended pending the outcome of investigations.

The other facility, a day surgery centre, was shut down due to serious violations that posed a grave threat to public health and safety. These violations included failing to adhere to radiation protection standards, providing necessary radiation protection equipment, maintaining and calibrating medical devices, and following approved training protocols.

Inspectors also found multiple violations related to infectious disease prevention, including failing to adhere to federal laws, disregarding departmental directives, and not complying with infection prevention measures.

The DoH has called on all healthcare facilities in Abu Dhabi to strictly adhere to its standards and regulations. This is essential to ensure the efficiency and integrity of the emirate’s healthcare system and safeguard the health and safety of all residents.


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