Abu Dhabi Launches An AED7 Billion Housing Project In Two Areas

Mayar Ibrahim

It’s official, Abu Dhabi is currently in the process of developing more housing for its citizens! The Abu Dhabi Housing Authority announced new projects totalling AED7 billion.

Abu Dhabi is constructing 1,742 residential villas in West Baniyas and Al Samha for more than AED7 billion

The West Baniyas Residential Project consists of:

  • 1,500 residential villas
  • Gardens
  • Public facilities and services
  • 8 mosques
  • 14 commercial buildings

While the Al Samha Residential Project consists of:

  • 242 residential villas
  • 2 mosques
  • And a selection of retail units

The announced expected completion date of the West Baniyas residential project ranges between April – June 2027. On the other hand, the expected completion date of Al Samha ranges between October – December 2025.

Collectively these projects amount to AED7 billion. However, individually the West Baniyas project amounts to more than AED6.3 billion. While Al Samha amounts to more than more than AED734 million.

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