An Abu Dhabi Couple Serving Life Sentences For A Horrific Case Of Abuse And Murder Are Appealing


A couple is standing trial at the Abu Dhabi Court of appeals to appeal life sentences.

Both are facing life in jail for killing the man’s second wife, they both deny intentionally killing the woman.

The man admitted abusing his second wife ‘lightly to discipline her’ however documents revealed a solid object he had hit her with caused her death. Documents also state he deprived the victim of food for days and burned her body, according to the Khaleej Times.

The pair also abused the deceased’s two children, leading to the 40% disability of one of the children.

Police raided the family home in 2014

The woman and children were held in a home in Baniyas, Abu Dhabi against their will.

The woman died because of excessive beatings and torture, records show she also suffered from malnutrition.

The husband and first wife were given life sentences. Blood money of AED200,000 was paid to the woman’s family and the wife paid was asked to pay a further AED80,000 to the two children.

A verdict of the appeal has not yet been reached.


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