Abu Dhabi is Launching A Delivery Riders Hub For Better Working Conditions!

Sandra Emam

Abu Dhabi is taking a proactive step towards improving working conditions for delivery riders by launching a dedicated Delivery Riders Hub!

Set to launch in September, the hub will offer air-conditioned spaces with comfortable seating, access to water, and convenient parking spots, serving as a valuable resource for riders to evade traffic fines while ensuring their well-being.

Also, strategically situated near multiple restaurants and cafes (Street E25), these rest areas will not only contribute to faster delivery times, as each rest stop can accommodate approximately 10-15 individuals.


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This initiative was prompted by a series of interviews conducted with delivery drivers, aiming to gain insight into the primary obstacles and difficulties they encounter while carrying out their work

By offering dedicated parking spaces for motorcyclists and addressing the problem of bicycles cut in on pedestrian paths, this initiative prioritizes driver safety and effectively eliminates the risk of traffic fines.

With the launch of the Delivery Riders Hub, Abu Dhabi is taking a significant stride towards creating a more supportive and efficient environment for delivery bike riders. Abu Dhabi, you deserve a round of applause for stepping up and creating this initiative!

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