Abu Dhabi Police Are Warning Motorists Instead Of Fining Them On This Road

Mayar Ibrahim

On March 30, Abu Dhabi Police posted a video warning motorists to abide by the new max and min speed limits on this Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Road in both directions.

Abu Dhabi Police set the new speed limits on April 1 and began issuing warning texts instead of fines

@just_theoutlaw drove along Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Road when he received a text message. He shared a screenshot of the warning text message he received from Abu Dhabi Police. Additionally, the digital creator shared an image of the billboards indicating the new minimum and maximum speed limits on each lane.

It is important to note that officials will stop sending out warning texts and begin issuing fines on May 1

The new fine costs AED400 for the violation of driving below the minimum speed limit on May 1, 2023.

General Ahmed Saif bin Zaytoun Al-Muhiri, Director of Central Operations Sector, explained that the maximum speed will be 140 km/hr on the first two left lanes. While the minimum speed is 120 km/h on the first and second left lanes.

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