Abu Dhabi Police Foil Massive Drug Smuggling Attempt: 4.5 Million Captagon Capsules Seized


Man attempts to smuggle drugs inside food cans!

Abu Dhabi Police have arrested an individual who was caught trying to smuggle 4.5 million Captagon capsules. The suspect was tracked down by a team from the Abu Dhabi Police following a tip-off. They discovered that the individual had imported a large quantity of preserved green bean cans, which he used to conceal the drugs.

4.5 million Captagon capsules

A search of his warehouse revealed the 4.5 million Captagon capsules hidden inside the cans. It was discovered that the suspect had intended to smuggle the drugs to another country. Abu Dhabi Police applauded the work of those involved in the operation to fight drug trafficking and sales in the UAE.

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