Abu Dhabi Police Rescued A 2 Year Old Trapped In A Locked Car

Mayar Ibrahim

Let’s hear it for the protectors of our city! Abu Dhabi Police rescued a 2 year old child trapped in a locked, parked car.

Abu Dhabi Police rescued the child after receiving a distress call from the mother

Abu Dhabi Police received a call from a mother in distress. She realised she had left her child in the car while she was at the store.

Additionally, the mother could not unlock or open the car as she left the key inside the car. This caused the car to auto-lock when she exited the vehicle.

After receiving the distress call, Police officials arrived at the scene within 5 minutes. They carefully and successfully opened the car doors. Officials then rescued the child in perfect condition.

Officials urge guardians to check their vehicles prior to exiting

The officials made this warning to ensure guardians have everything and everyone with them before locking the vehicle. As this action could lead to serious consequences, and even death of the child.

Furthermore, any guardian who leaves a child unattended in a car is committing a crime. This crime is punishable by a fine of no less than AED5,000. Plus, the court could sentence the guardian to jail time as well.

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