Two Brothers Have Been Reunited After 20 Years Thanks To The Abu Dhabi Police And It’s All Kinds Of Emotional


After a long two decades apart, two brothers have been reunited thanks to the efforts of the Abu Dhabi Police.

They were recently reunited in Al Ain after one of the brothers, a German man of Arab origin, had contacted the police to ask for their help.

The brothers had lost contact after loosing each others contact details

After Kamal Eisa Khalil had relocated, over 20 years ago, he lost the contact details for his brother and had not been able to track him down since.

Learning that his brother was living in Al Ain here in the UAE Kamal contacted the police to enlist their help in locating his long lost brother, Kamil Eisa Khalil.

The police were keen to help the brothers.

The police were able to track down Kamil’s daughter 

After locating Kamil’s daughter, who is working in a bank here in the UAE, they were able to contact her father and share the good news with him. 

Kamil, who was working as a teacher with the Ministry of Education, was overjoyed to learn that his brother was here in the UAE looking for him.

Both brothers expressed their appreciation to the Abu Dhabi Police for their efforts in reuniting them after 20 years.


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