Golden Visa Given To Abu Dhabi Resident For His Volunteer Work

Mayar Ibrahim

The Golden visa is a 10-year residency. Investors, entrepreneurs, talents, scientists, and professionals, are a few of those qualified for it. Additionally, outstanding students humanitarian pioneers, and frontline workers are also qualified. If you didn’t know… Well, now you know!

So, when the Abu Dhabi government granted a Kerala native and Abu Dhabi resident a Golden visa for all his volunteer work, it is truly an honour.

Shafeeq Sabry was always active in social & volunteering activities in the UAE

The community and government recognised Mr. Sabry for his charitable service. He worked with humanitarian organisations such as the United Nations, Red Crescent, and Emirates Foundation. Additionally, he volunteered with the Community Police with Abu Dhabi and Dubai police. For the health departments he worked with Ministry of Health Abu Dhabi Blood Bank and Sharjah Blood Bank.

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Golden Visa Shafeeq Sabry Volunteering

Due to his volunteering efforts, Abu Dhabi granted him a Golden visa

This is living proof of the remarkable journey that unfolds when you deeply care about your community. Mr. Sabry’s story serves as a testament to the transformative power of community engagement and the positive impact it can have on both personal growth and the collective well-being of society. This Golden visa is well deserved!

Golden Visa Shafeeq Sabry

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