Abu Dhabi Roads To Decrease Speed Limits As They Begin To Eliminate The Current 20kph Buffer


Drivers in Abu Dhabi will have to take note of new speed limits being introduced as part of the Emirate’s aim to improve road safety.

At present there is a 20kph speed ‘buffer’ in place on many UAE roads. 

This means that a driver has a 20kph grace period before they would be fined. For example if the speed limit is 80kph they may drive at a speed up to 100kph before a speed camera would be alerted at 101kph.

Abu Dhabi is now seeking to remove this speed buffer

In an attempt to remove any confusion surrounding speed limits the Emirate is introducing strict speed limits which must be adhered to, with no chance to exceed these limits without a fine.

According to The National new signs covered in plastic have been spotted on some Abu Dhabi roads ahead of the new changes.

New road signs will show drivers the speed limit and if a driver is to exceed this by any amount, speed cameras will be activated and the driver fined by Abu Dhabi police.

For example, if they new sign is 140kph then a speed of 141kph will incur a speeding fine.

The new speed limits have already been introduced on some roads

The first road to have no buffer was unveiled last week on new motorway, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Road.

The speed limit on this new road is 160kph with no buffer.

Following this move the current speed limits on some roads may be changed, but there has been no confirmation on this yet.

The move has been welcomed by road safety campaigners as an important step to improving road safety in the UAE.

It is yet to be seen if other Emirates will follow Abu Dhabi’s example.


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