Abu Dhabi Is The Best Luxury Destination In The World

Mayar Ibrahim

Abu Dhabi tops the charts again! The capital of the UAE strikes as number 1 once again as the Best Luxury Destination in the World.

When people think of luxury, everyone has a different perception of what “luxury” really is. Some people might picture relaxing by sandy white beaches and sipping on refreshing bevvies in the Maldives as a luxurious vacation. On the other hand, some might find spending a night in a hotel close to home just as luxurious.

BUUUUUUT no matter what your definition of luxury is, Slingo Blog ranked Abu Dhabi as the Best Luxury Destination in the World!

Slingo Blog conducted a study and discovered that over 22% of hotels in Abu Dhabi carry 5-star ratings. Moreover, 41% of hotels offer massage facilities. The capital of the UAE scored an 8.17/10 in the Luxury Destination Score.

The study consisted of 30 countries and here are the top 15 Best Luxury Destinations in the World

  • Abu Dhabi – 8.17/10
  • Cabo San Lucas – 7.93/10
  • Sharm El Sheikh – 7.37/10
  • Phucket – 7.17/10
  • Bangkok – 6.99/10
  • Marrakech – 6.98/10
  • Punta Cana – 6.92/10
  • Koh Samui – 6.90/10
  • Bali – 6.87/10
  • Cancun – 6.78/10
  • Dubai – 6.68/10
  • Hurghada – 6.45/10
  • Tied for 13 Santorini & Las Vegas – 6.32/10
  • In 15th place, Montego Bay – 5.93/10

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