4 Very Different Events In Abu Dhabi That Are Definitely Worth Your While


Culture, music, fun… Abu Dhabi has a world of activities to keep you entertained this weekend!

And you can forget your usual haunts. Right now, the capital has a unique selection of events, and if you’re looking to explore UAE culture, heritage, literature or even music in a little bit more depth, you’ll be seriously impressed by all it has to offer.

Here are five events happening soon that are definitely worth your while.

4. The Hay Festival is a renowned literary festival

The Hay Festival has built a sterling reputation as a unique event that focuses on entertainment and literature.

Hosting internationally acclaimed authors and thinkers including Nobel Laureates, Ahmed Galai, Shirin Ebadi, Hoda Barakat, Jokha Alharthi, Muhammed Hasan Alwan, Tishani Doshi and more; this is about story-telling, exploring a mix of contemporary and Arab literature along with the best of the UAE spoken word and slam poetry scene. Cool!

Read more about the Hay Festival here

When? February 25 until February 28

3. A step back in time at The Song of Roland: The Arabic Version

20 singers and musicians are coming together to perform The Song of Roland: The Arabic Version. This is inspired by one of the oldest works of French literature ‘La Chanson de Roland,’ (The Song of Roland) the French-Lebanese writer Amin Malouf’s 1983 book ‘The Crusades Through Arab Eyes,’ Egyptian artist Wael Shawky’s work is a mix of the traditions of medieval Europe with those of the Arabian Gulf.

The performance is in the classical Arabic ‘fidjeri’ style, a traditional style developed by fishermen in the Arabian Gulf more than 800 years ago – amazing!

Read more about The Song of Roland: The Arabic Version here

When? February 26 and  February 27

2. My Heritage, My Responsibility – an experience at Al Ain Palace Museum

Worth the trip! An exhibition aimed at sharing cultural knowledge and to revive age-old traditions, this event at Al Ain Palace Museum features pottery, copper, robes, and carpentry.

A must for people interested in local heritage, it will also include educational workshops, a traditional souq, traditional Emirati food, and lots more. Perfect for all ages!

More info about My Heritage, My Responsibility here

When? February 27 until February 28

1. A Bait Al Oud Concert featuring Oud Master Nehad Al Sayed

Bait Al Oud Abu Dhabi is one of the region’s leading music academies and this weekend sees a performance by Swiss-Egyptian Oud Master Nehad Al Sayed, who will perform with his students at the Cultural Foundation Amphitheatre.

The school famously preserves songs and musical techniques including the qanun, cello, violin and rebabah and also regularly invites musical masters. This event follows a student masterclass by Swiss-Egyptian Oud Master Nehad Al Sayed, and will see both master and students take to the stage for one show this Thursday.

Read more about Bait Al Oud Concert here

When? February 27


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