The ULTIMATE Guide To The Abu Dhabi Toll Gate That Opens This October


Residents in the UAE have had lots of questions ever since it was announced that Abu Dhabi would now have a toll gate, akin to Dubai’s Salik system.

Motorists in Abu Dhabi will have to pay road tolls from October 16, as announced by the Abu Dhabi Department of Transport (DoT) on July 25. It was set in place to reduce traffic in the city, ease congestion for commuters and to encourage more sustainable options like public transport, ride sharing & electric cars, which will not be charged with fees for two years.

So for all your questions, wonderments and curiousity- especially to Dubai residents who drive back and forth to the neighbouring capital city, here’s the ultimate guide:

How much will you have to pay (fees)?

There will be a total of four toll gates to start, and drivers will have to pay AED4 during peak hours between Saturday and Thursday.

Non peak-hours, however; will account for only AED2 for every pass, noting that this applies on Fridays and public holidays too. The daily maximum fee is limited to AED16 per vehicle.

For those driving from outside Abu Dhabi:

If your car is a Dubai or Sharjah-registered vehicle, for example, you’d have to be registered in the Abu Dhabi toll gate system before crossing its toll gates.

So it’s best to have this done before the toll gates launch on October 16, for safety’s sake.

If your car isn’t registered under the toll gate system, you’ll be given a 10-day (business days) grace period, from the time you crossed to complete the registration- or a fine will ensue.

For the how-to on registering: click here.

Other FYIs on the new toll gate:

  • Ambulances, armed forces, civil defence vehicles, public buses, motorcycles, licensed taxis, passenger buses with 26 passengers and authorised school buses, authority vehicles, e-vehicles and trailers are exempt from the tolls.
  • For Abu Dhabi-plate numbers: If your car STILL isn’t registered after the first 10-day grace period, you’re subject to AED100 fine, AED200 the following day and AED400 for the third day- it keeps doubling up in price daily. So don’t forget to register ahead of time. A maximum of AED10,000 can be racked up if you don’t register your vehicle prior.
  • For outside Abu Dhabi-plate numbers: Your vehicle should have a proper account balance, otherwise it could be fined AED50 per day after the 10-day grace period.
  • Don’t damage the e-payment machines or toll gates- you can be fined AED 10,000.
  • Don’t tamper with your license plates in order to avoid paying the toll- you can be fined AED10,000.


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