Al Ain Has Prepped Its Roads And Community For The Anticipated Floods

Mayar Ibrahim

Officials are taking all the necessary steps to maintain the public’s safety whilst anticipating heavy rains! Al Ain City Municipality officially completed the project to support the traffic system and maintain the infrastructure of the city.

Abu Dhabi Media Office announced that Al Ain City Municipality completed the final phase of their project

This municipality’s project implements urgent solutions to reduce the ground water level after heavy rains. Especially, in the most affected areas of the city such as car transit tunnels and certain residential areas. Additionally, this project aims to support the traffic safety system and maintain the structural safety of the city.

Recently, the Department of Municipalities and Transport prioritised this project

The project included development for transit tunnels through the use of a ground water drying system. Hence, this system works to withdraw water from the drying wells and re-pumps it into collection basins in the valleys. Then, they use the re-pumped water in the irrigation or gardens and agriculture. This project provides a sustainable source of irrigation water at an average of 3,500 cubic metres per day.

Moreover, the project contributes mainly to raising efficiency of the traffic safety system inside tunnels. Through the provision of a reduction system for collected surface water in order to reduce traffic accidents.

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