A Camel Beauty Pageant With AED52 Million Prize Money Is Taking Place In Abu Dhabi


The most important event on the camel beauty pageant season has arrived.

Al Dhafra Festival (until December 25) sees camel auctions, camel races, a traditional market, a dates competition, poetry, photography, folk music, a falcon competition and more, but all eyes are on the B-E-A-utiful camels who show up groomed to perfection for these events.

Why? Because there’s big prize money up for grabs – AED52 million in total.

Immerse yourself in local custom at Al Dhafra


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Competition categories include a camel’s age, breed, ownership (Tribe or Sheikh) and overall best herd

24,000 camels arrived to Madinat Zayed and have set up tents. They will be paraded in pens, with 81 camel competitions in total taking place.


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The main event: The camel pageants draw spectators and entries from far and wide

How beautiful are they though!

You can attend Al Dhafra Festival until December 25 – all info here.


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