This UAE Facebook Page Gives You The HONEST Low-Down On Restaurants Here


Instagram is a great way to get to know about restaurants and venues in the UAE.

If you follow local influencers, you’ll repeatedly see images of tempting new eateries splashed across your screen, BUT are they actually any good?

But Facebook is where you find the tea. People are sharing their honest feedback, venting some frustrations and dishing out amazing reviews that only come after a fantastic meal experience.

Enter: Best Bites Abu Dhabi and Best Bites Dubai .

The Abu Dhabi edition is highly active, many of the reviews are witty and honest, providing honest feedback based on value, service, taste and in some cases, the state a food delivery has arrived! The Dubai version is slow to catch on, but for the limited number of people who use it, it still provides the same service.

Looking for an honest review? Best Bites Abu Dhabi and Best Bites Dubai – we stan!

People share their best quirky finds that you probably haven’t heard of

From budget to boujee

It’s a foodie community that finds and highlights the best deals… cos ‘erry one loves a good deal!

The best bit? The admin secures great foodie offers and discounts across the city

Why is whyyyyyy the Dubai group needs more love! Check out Best Bites Dubai here.

Check out Bite Bites Abu Dhabi here and Best Bites Dubai here


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