The Big Debate: A Resident Sparked A Debate On Twitter Over The UAE’s Best Concert


You never forget a good concert.

And in the UAE, we’ve had HEAPS.

UAE resident Basel Anabtawi (the man the Basel Meets podcast) asked Dubai, ‘what’s the best concert that ever took place in the UAE’, everyone’s sharing different memories, proving there’s been a serious amount of incredible live music here over the years.

The big debate that’s bringing back a tonne of great memories

And three honorable mentions

And the responses are rollllinggggg in

This incredible Sandance line-up…take us back

Special attention must be paid to local gigs

More big contenders

What a show

You never forget a good one

Andddddd… Alicia Keys is back for Dubai Jazz Fest tomorrow

Fresh from her Grammys performance, this is the closer for Dubai Jazz Fest 2019 and it’s expected to be a biggie.

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