A Bus Carrying Pilgrims From Makkah To The UAE Got Into An Accident


Makkah is always seeing pilgrims coming and going year-round and authorities are constantly working to make sure their experience is top-notch. However, often incidences that are out of the scope of everyone take place.

Unfortunately, a bus carrying pilgrims back from Makkah to the UAE got into an accident last week

52 pilgrims in the Emirati capital of Abu Dhabi were commuting back from Mecca, Saudi Arabia, when the bus crashed into a metal barrier. The accident took place on the Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed highway en route to Oman.


The social media posts inform that no casualties were reported in the accident as the first responders came to aid within minutes of the accident

Various news sources have confirmed that passengers were assisted immediately following the crash and emergency first responders offered them shelter, food, and drinks until another ride was arranged.


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