Celebrate Life In Abu Dhabi With This New Series Called “Abu Dhabi Stories”

Mayar Ibrahim

Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE, is a city full of life and untold stories. As a city shaped by the stories of its people and places, it is time for YOU to share yours. So, get ready to celebrate life in the capital via a new series – Abu Dhabi Stories!

Abu Dhabi Stories is a new series that captures the essence of the city and its people

Abu Dhabi Stories showcases four categories that reflect different aspects of the emirate and its community:

  • Abu Dhabi Streets
    • Celebrating the streets of Abu Dhabi and their sights, sounds and stories
  • Spotlight
    • Highlighting Abu Dhabi’s unique and historic locations
  • Faces from Abu Dhabi
    • Inspiring experiences from members of Abu Dhabi’s community
  • Tales of the past
    • Looking to the future by celebrating Abu Dhabi’s rich past

Whether you’re someone living in Abu Dhabi or just visiting, get ready to share your unique stories in this new series of Abu Dhabi Stories!

This new series is all about sharing experiences, so it’s time to share yours.

All you need to do is:

This is your moment! This new series is all about sharing unique stories and moments that celebrate life in Abu Dhabi.

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