Residents May Experience Fluctuating Weather Conditions Throughout The UAE During The Long Weekend


The long weekend in the UAE calls for long drives, barbeque parties, bonfires at the desert and a lot more outdoorsy plans, plans which you do not want wrecked because of the weather!

Thus, always make sure to check out the National Center of Meteorology (NCM) updates before you plan for ahead for grand under-the-sky ventures.

For the coming days, the NCM has issued a yellow and red warning for those residing in and visiting the UAE, alerting of thick fog formations in various parts of the country that can lower the rate of visibility whilst driving.

Drivers are urged to be extra cautious in areas where visibility rates are exceptionally low

Although the pleasant weather is PERF for fun outdoor plans, chances of dusty weather and showers of rain are quite high in the northern parts of the UAE

Earlier on Sunday, areas in the Capital were reported to be experiencing light drizzles with humidity reaching up to 70% in the evenings.

Currently, the temperatures in the northern Emirates are ranging between 19°C to 26°C.


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