Cheap Flight Tix Of AED319 To Maldives And AED99 To Kuwait – RUN!

Mayar Ibrahim
Cheap Flight Tix

Cheap flight tix to the gorgeous islands of Maldives for AED319 and to the beautiful city of Kuwait for AED99.

Yes, you read that right! WizzAir is selling discounted flight tickets for AED319 to the Maldives and AED99 to Kuwait right from Abu Dhabi.

WizzAir announced the two new flights with cheap flight tix from Abu Dhabi to the Maldives and Kuwait on Thursday, July 21

Pack your bags and book these cheap tix while you enjoy the white sandy beaches of the Maldives

Abu Dhabi is expanding its travel routes for all you vacationers out there! So grab your chance and fly out from Abu Dhabi to the gorgeous islands at the Maldives. Plus, it’s a hassle free vacation since you won’t need a visa to the Maldives either!

Or if you’re looking to head to a city full of culture then grab the perks of AED99 tix to Kuwait

Abu Dhabi is opening up the skies for all travellers out there – it’s time for an adventure!



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