A Dubai Theatre’s Decision To Screen The Controversial ‘Finding Neverland’ Doc Is Stirring Major Debate


Michael Jackson was the undisputed ‘King of Pop’ during his lifetime, but since his death in 2009 from a small cocktail of prescription meds, his reputation has been constantly in question.

Never convicted, Jackson’s relationships with young boys has been magnified and a documentary that was released this year casts a dark shadow over the life of the troubled performer.

‘Leaving Neverland’ is a documentary that paints Michael Jackson as a child abuser, and his ‘long-running relationships with two boys, aged 7 and 10’. In the documentary they share their story of their time with the pop-sensation, detailing how Michael allegedly groomed their families and revealing incredibly graphic sexual details about the relationships.

Now, Al Quoz arthouse Cinema Akil has taken the decision to air the documentary, and it’s a choice that’s causing major debate online.

Dubai journalist William Mullally spotted the negative reaction

“Dubai’s arthouse cinema Cinema Akil is being subjected to targeted campaign for showing L*aving N*verland later this month by diehard fans, who it doesn’t seem actually are in the UAE”

The controversial documentary was chosen for the theatre’s new programme ‘debatable ‘

And after the screenings, an open debate will take place.

One Twitter user has launched a ‘public appeal’ over the ‘slanderous propaganda film’

And another page is trying to rally support against the screening

One resident labels the movie ‘unethical’

While the response on Dubai Instagram shows people are interested in the debate

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It’s clear there’s cause for debate- Mullally will moderate a conversation after the filming on April 27

Watch Finding Neverland at Cinema Akil on April 24, April 27 and Wednesday, May 1

More details here


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