The Total Number Of Confirmed Covid-19 Cases In The UAE Has Reached 21


A briefing at the National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority in Abu Dhabi on Saturday confirmed there are 21 novel coronavirus cases in the UAE, five of who have already recovered.

The UAE is following strict World Health Organisation guidelines to ensure the safety and protection of society and taking all necessary measures to prevent a major outbreak.

So far: Thermal detectors have been installed in the air, sea and land ports along with qualified medical teams around the clock.

The UAE is also coordinating with Iran to arrange the safe evacuation of UAE nationals living in the Iranian Qeshm city and the capital Tehran.

UAE Tour: The two Italian team members who tested positive do not typically mix with participants at the event

This weekend, two hotels in Yas Island were shut for precautionary measures after the UAE tour was cancelled when two Italian staff members tested positive for the coronavirus.

612 people have been tested. 450 results have proved negative. 162 results are expected soon. Officials added that the two who tested positive do not typically mix with participants in their roles.

The Department of Health also denied a rumour being shared about the spread of the Coronavirus in an Abu Dhabi residential compound

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