The UAE Has Issued Strict Warnings To All Residents As Coronavirus Claims 80 Lives


The death toll of the Coronavirus has reached 80 lives and to ensure the prevention of the disease here, the UAE has issued a travel warning for anyone travelling to China and further warnings for all residents of the UAE.

Travellers from the UAE have been urged to postpone all China travel plans, “except in cases of extreme necessity”

All citizens are advised to follow the virus prevention guidelines issued by the competent health authorities in the UAE

This follows news that the Abu Dhabi Public Health Centre was forced to deny rumours that a case in the UAE had been detected

The Abu Dhabi Public Health Centre denied a rumour that a patient was diagnosed with the Novel Coronavirus, adding that the case pertains to a previous type of Coronavirus, which is not dangerous and that the patient is currently being treated, according to

It’s expected 3,000 people have been infected by the disease, of which the majority has been maintained in China and the city of Wuhan, where the disease originated. Although, recent reports suggest the disease has been discovered in over 10 countries.

Dubai authorities are working tirelessly to ensure the proper measures are being taken to prevent the spread, with special screenings taking place at DXB.

For any enquiries, the public can contact the ISTIJABA emergency call centre on the toll-free number, 8001717


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