Covid-19: Abu Dhabi Shuts Down Nightclubs Bans Wedding Parties And Screens Mall-Goers


Abu Dhabi is taking extensive measures to prevent the spread of the Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19), and a circular issued by the Department of Culture and Tourism states that nightclubs and tourist restaurants in the capital will be shut down with immediate effect until the end of March.

Also, there is a strict added ban on wedding parties around the Emirate until the end of the month to restrict further cases of coronavirus.

The circular also mentions that DCT inspectors will be visiting establishments across Abu Dhabi during the closure to ensure strict adherence to the preventive measures put in place, and further stated that LEGAL action will be taken against any violators.

“In line with preventative measures for coronavirus – Abu Dhabi is instructing all tourism establishments and event organisers with a ban on all events and the operating of night clubs.”

“Compliance is highly required, noting that legal measures will be taken against any violators pursuant to applicable legislation.”

In addition to the restriction of events, Abu Dhabi has also installed thermal detectors across shopping malls in the Emirate as a precautionary measure against the spread of Covid-19

This step has been taken to ensure the utmost safety of “community members while offering a healthy shopping experience.”

The above restrictions are not applicable to any other emirate in the UAE but is subject to change depending on the Covid-19 updates.

So far a ban on sheesha cafes is in effect in both, Dubai and Abu Dhabi.


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