Plan In Advance: Dense Fog In Dubai To Linger On Until Wednesday Morning 


Starting earlier this week, Dubai has been covered in a monster fog practically every morning.

And thus, the many, MANY ‘Dubai fog’ pictures and videos taking over social media. But love it or hate it, you can’t deny that Dubai is an absolute beaaauttt under a blanket of fog and mist.

According to the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM), the UAE has been experiencing unstable weather conditions over the past few days, leading to foggy weather. Hence, Dubai residents will be treated to more misty mornings this week.

In addition, the lowest temp recorded over the UAE was 7.3°C in Raknah (Al Ain) at 6:30am UAE time

The formation of fog is a result of high temperature radiation from the land due to lower temperatures during the late night and early morning.

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NCM is predicting that Thurs and Friday will be dusty and partly cloudy with the city seeing a significant drop in temperature

Motorists are being urged to drive carefully and with utmost caution during the morning fog

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UAE authorities are reminding all visitors and residents in the country to wear their face mask when in public at ALL TIMES.

Those who fail to comply with the country’s strict COVID-19 regulations will be subject to face a penalty of AED3,000.

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