5 Dua Lipa GIFS That Sum Up How Everyone Feels About Her Upcoming Gig


Dua Lipa is coming to Abu Dhabi ON SATURDAY, and people are rather excited – especially thanks to her smashing performance and three wins at the recent Brit awards. 

The most-streamed artist on Spotify in the UK for 2017 has some rather catchy tunes, and will be blitzing the stage on Saturday at du Forum. 

Here are five Dua Lipa GIFs that show just how this weekend is going to go down. 

1. Practicing your sing-a-longs so you can belt out the lyrics

2.  Getting ready with your squad on the night

3. When your squad is warming up, ready to DANCE 

4. When she comes on stage…

5. When ‘New Rules’ comes on 

You can get tickets at ticketmaster.ae

*Lovin Dubai is official media partner of Dua Lipa, with Flash Entertainment. 


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