5 Reasons You Absolutely Cannot Miss Dua Lipa’s Upcoming Show In Abu Dhabi


Ever since London born Albanian singer Dua Lipa broke into the music scene with her debut album last year, all her songs have completely knocked it out of the park. 

They are peppy and instantly catchy, and the tone of her voice is oh so unique…it makes Dua a brand of her own.

And the good news is that she is coming to the UAE in her first ever concert in the MENA region, which is happening on February 24 at the du Forum in Yas Island.

Trust us, you’ll mentally kick yourself if you didn’t attend her show, and in case you need more reasons to see the pop star perform live, we give you five. 

1. You can’t compare Dua Lipa to anyone else

It’s rather easy to put two singers in one box based on their music, videos and just image in general, but with Dua….she is truly unique in her own sense.

Smooth and raspy at the same, her voice is her biggest selling point; and her music is so upbeat, rest assured her concert will be one hell of an entertaining night. 

2. She was the most streamed woman of 2017

According to Spotify, Dua, who is only 22, was named the most streamed woman of 2017 in the UK. 

That means she is the first solo British female artiste, since Adele in 2015, to become No. 1 in the UK.

Her latest single ‘New Rules’ was a smashing hit, and this new feather in her cap makes the songstress officially bigger than artistes such as Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift. 

That’s some impressive shit there. 

3. She’s selling out headline shows like hot cakes

While many popular artistes fail to create the same magic when performing live, Dua has already proved that she can perform live as if she is taking a walk in the park. 

Seriously, we’ve got proof!

Which is why it comes as no surprise that she is already selling out tours like nobody’s business. 

4. She is a complete performer

The girl has unlimited potential.

Not only she is a damn good singer, she has this innate ability to hold the audience’s attention. 

The fact that she is so easy on eyes and can rock the most incredible outfits we have ever seen on stage truly means she is a legit star in making.

5. Her Instagram account is pretty dope

It’s rare to find music stars who don’t take themselves too seriously, which is exactly what you can say about Lipa.

She has an incredible and loyal fan base as evident from her effortlessly cool Instagram page with over 6.5 million followers.

Sure with a modelling background, she is also super stylish, but with her collection of colourful selfies, photoshoots and snapshots, she knows how to keep things interesting. 

Important bits to know

The tickets to her show are selling fast and you must book yours NOW.

Get your tickets at www.ticketmaster.ae and across all the Virgin Megastores in the UAE.

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Are you excited for her upcoming tour? We sure as hell are…

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