A Dubai Entrepreneur Has Identified The One Thing That Will Make Businesses In The Region Flourish


In this week’s episode of Dubai Works, Richard Fitzgerald, founder of Augustus Media, publishers of Lovin Dubai, Lovin Saudi and SMASHI TV (the first live streaming business channel for the Arab world), interviewed Will Hutson, CEO of LMTD.

Team LMTD (short for a physics equation – log mean temperature difference) is a leading full-service digital creative agency in Dubai, established in 2012 by Will Hutson, they have counted Etihad, Adnoc, Careem and Abu Dhabi Ports among their portfolio of clients.

Talking about a number of insightful business strategies, Hutson mentioned that the current WFH situation gave him and his team “insight and a lot of lessons on how to organise meetings, how to create accountability, how to tighten our process, how to shorten our feedback group so we can get more concise decisions when we’re remote” (02:40).

The CEO of LMTD also spoke about:

– Adapting during COVID-19
– The current state of affairs in the advertising industry
– The challenges of being a small business in the region

Listen here:

“We need to create a debt market.. where real businesses with real growth have access to term debt that allows them to grow and expand.. if we do that the GCC flourishes” – Will Hutson

(33 mins onwards)

Will Hutson called on cheaper term debt, where banks are backed to hedge their risk, in other to support small businesses in their growth. ‘We have a profitable growth, we want to grow’.


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As the CEO of LMTD, Hutson’s focus is to grow the business, lead their strategy, and guide the culture

Originally from Florida, Will Hutson is now based in Dubai and is also an active investor in early-stage startups and spends a lot of his time guiding startup businesses throughout the MENA region.


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