Dubai Inmates Receive Doses As Part Of The Country’s Free Vaccination Drive


Inmates at Dubai’s punitive and correctional institutions are well underway with receiving doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, as announced by Dubai Police on Thursday.

With three approved vaccines to be used in the UAE, this ties in with the UAE’s free vaccination drive to immunize half of the population by the end of March.

Image Credits: Dubai Police

The COVID-19 vaccinations are free for everyone living in the United Arab Emirates 

At the present moment, reports say that police officers, senior officers, and other employees in this line of work have already taken the vaccine. 

Abu Dhabi initiated the vaccination for its inmates, with a similar initiative that took place last week following derivatives from the Ministry of Interior as well as a dedicated center. 

In a Facebook post, The Dubai police thanked the UAE’s leaders for ensuring that the safety and health of its population are looked out for.

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