I Left My Phone In A Dubai Taxi And The Driver Returned It In Less Than 24 Hours


Feeling safe and secure is one of the top reasons why I love living here.

And a recent experience further reminded my of why Dubai is officially one of the safest cities in the world.

When I lost my phone this weekend, my outlook was bleak. Not just because it was a newish phone, but because (I soon realised) my phone is my everything and 24 hours without it was a nightmare.

You can’t book appointments, order from your favourite delivery apps, keep track of spending (those irritating bank messages are pretty much the only way I keep track of my finances) and anything I hadn’t backed up was, I thought, lost forever.

I left my phone on the back seat of a cab after a short journey from a hotel on JBR to my apartment

As soon as I hopped out I realised it was gone, but so too was the taxi, and not having a phone to call my phone, I was stuck.

I eventually rang the RTA and reported the loss. I didn’t have a receipt or plate number but the RTA suggested getting the plate number of the taxi to speed up the lost and found process. So the next day I went back to the hotel and, lo-and-behold, earlier that day the driver had dropped my phone back.

What a legend. He’d no doubt driven out of his way to bring it back and returned the phone without leaving a name or number. A totally selfless act.

In Dubai, you can leave your laptop sitting open at a coffee shop (if you need the loo!) and not have to worry

Not recommended, but you can leave you bag down in a club or sit at any cafe or bar in the entire city and ask for your phone to be charged, and you’ll actually get it back. You can leave your front door unlocked if someone needs to get in later in the day. You can walk home late at night and feel totally safe.

When I have friends visiting and I do ANY of the above, visitors are shocked, other cities just don’t offer the same sense of security.

This wouldn’t happen anywhere else in the world

Abu Dhabi was recently named the safest city in the world for the second year running and Dubai followed closely behind in the 11th position of 338 cities overall.

This is not a fluff ranking. As residents we feel safe living here and simply acts like this one are a reminder of the honest and good people living in this city.

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