A Dubai Resident Was Blindsided By 12 Speeding Tickets On The Abu Dhabi Road


This is never the message you want to be on the receiving end of.

A Dubai resident was stunned to have been lumped with 12 speeding fines (for a one-way journey) following a trip to the capital during Eid.

The speed limit for the E11 is 140km/h and until August 2018 there was a ‘buffer’ period for drivers, allowing motorists to go 20km/h faster than the speed limit without being subject to fines.

The driver admitted he doesn’t drive to the capital often and was unaware of the buffer changes

Therefore he was shocked to be lumped with a hair-raising AED3,800 worth of fines. He told Lovin Dubai he has yet to receive the charges for the return journey, but he’s expecting a similar sum.

The driver shared the story to spread the word, hoping other drivers don’t get caught out

“All of the fines are within 1 stretch of the E11 I believe and I even have 2 fines within the same minute a couple of times… I was within 20km of the stated speed”

The buffer was removed as part of a road safety campaign

In August 2018, the ‘buffer’ system was removed. The system had allowed drivers to drive 20km/h over the speed limit, allowing a grace period which many drivers were accustomed to.

The changes were introduced as part of the Emirate’s aim to improve road safety.



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