Freak Storms Aren’t Likely To Return This Week But Dubai Will Be Cloudier


It was rather confusing for residents over the weekend, seeing as the weather totally jumped from heat to ALL sorts of different temperatures in different areas.

Dubai witnessed a sandstorm, a rainbow was spotted, while other areas in the country experienced surging rain.

But weather reports predict that might not be the case this week

The National Center of Meteorology (NCMS) have released a four-day weather forecast in the UAE, and it seems that Abu Dhabi should expect slightly fair weather on Sunday with highs of 44C. Dubai, on the other hand, might be a little cloudier this week, with wind speeds expected to reach 38km/h.

By Monday and Tuesday, Abu Dhabi’s temperature could decrease a degree or two.

As always, Dubai residents keep on going..

As you do.


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