Dubai Has Just Been Ranked As The 7th Safest City In The World


Shout out Dubai, shout out Abu Dhabi! You’re some of the world’s safest cities to live in.

*Phew! Wipes sweat.

Numbeo is the world’s largest database of current and accurate info on the cost of living, traffic, crime and pollution in cities around the world and it’s just compiled the stats of the world’s safest cities to live.

And drumroll, please….

For the fourth year running, Abu Dhabi has been named as the world’s safest city to live in


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Overall crime risk in the UAE is registered as very low

While safety is ranked as ‘very high’

*These rankings were last updated in January 2020

Abu Dhabi has the lowest crime ranking in the world, while Dubai comes in with the 7th lowest

Caracas in Venezuela has the highest in the world

See the rankings on  Numbeo here.


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