Egyptian Political Comedy Legend Bassem Youssef Is Coming To Abu Dhabi


The comedian Bassem Youssef from Egypt will be live in Abu Dhabi next month after going viral for his interview around Israel’s war on Gaza with UK journalist Piers Morgan.

On November 25, the UAE capital’s Theatre by Erth will host the heart surgeon-turned-comedian.

This month, Youssef gained notoriety when his discussion with Morgan on Piers Morgan Uncensored turned became the most watched episode of the programme since its debut a year ago. In just 13 days, the interview received over 20 million views on YouTube.

The way in which Youssef highlighted the humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza and the effects of Israel’s brutality on people in the besieged strip was praised by viewers for his “dark humour” and satirical attitude.

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Following the episode’s popularity, the comic joked that Morgan should take him first class to London so they could continue the debate in person. The two are scheduled for another round of in-person interviews on Thursday, much to the joy of the watchers.

Youssef will return to the United Arab Emirates after his performance in Abu Dhabi.

On November 10, he will also be the featured keynote speaker at the Sharjah International Book Fair. Although there aren’t many specifics available about the session, it is described as a “public dialogue,” so viewers may anticipate hearing Youssef discuss his creative process as well as some of the most important challenges affecting the modern world.

Platinumlist is the ticketing website for Bassem Youssef Live in Abu Dhabi, with prices starting at Dh299


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