UAE Court Has Turned Down The Request Of Three Emirati Women Who Officially Want To Become Men


Three Emirati women, all aged under 25, filed a lawsuit to become men, and change their female names and gender in the official government registry, but the Federal Appeal Court has turned down their request.

The women had already undergone the sex-change operations in an unnamed European country and also presented several medical documents from the hospital as proof in the court that suggested surgery.

Their side of the story

According to their lawyer, Ali Abdullah Al Mansouri, who spoke to Khaleej Times, the women had been suffering from congenital defects.

They also had masculine features such as ‘too much hair on their legs’, ‘manly voices’ and several other traits that categorically belong to men. 

He further said that the women had received “many medical reports” that suggested the sex-change operations. 

They now just want to have their gender and names changed in the official government records.

The women initially went to Federal First instance Court which had rejected their requests and refused permission for sex-change. They then  challenged the ruling in the Federal Appeal Court which has upheld the first ruling.

They will now challenge the ruling in the Federal Supreme Court. 


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