A UAE Airline Was Quick To Respond To Chrissy Teigen’s Tweet With Some Subtle Marketing


One thing’s for sure, whoever’s on the Etihad Airways marketing team is out here doing the most.

Etihad’s official Twitter account ensured a quick response to Hollywood model Chrissy Teigen’s tweet about wanting to work in hospitality this week.

The social media platform Twitter is many things, a place to vent out one’s frustrations, use as a ‘trusted’ news source, gain insight from individualist perspectives, rarely, a place for a brand to self-promote.

On April 27, Chrissy Teigen tweeted asking about getting into hospitality school

To which the Abu-Dhabi based airline quickly responded:

“Time for your dreams to take flight, Chrissy. Why not join us here in Abu Dhabi and train with our crew? Service, sun, and a side of Saadiyat. First-class hospitality right here. No pun intended.”

Keyword used: hospitality, the cheeky response was a great way to promote the airlines’ ethos using one word out of a celebrity’s tweet.

You go, marketing person. 


The 35-year-old is an American model, TV personality, and author (and singer John Legend’s wifey) who has said a few good things about another UAE-based airline before

Basically, Teigen is no stranger to the UAE’s hospitality and services sector, previously clapping for a 28-hour stay in an Emirates lounge back in 2019.

We wonder when we’ll see her and hubby make a trip to the UAE

Until then, let’s enjoy one of her iconic GIFs (sure some of us have used this more than once!)


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