A Woman Has Been Jailed For Six Months After Outrageous Behaviour On An Etihad Flight


A British woman has been jailed for six months after headbutting an Etihad flight attendant.

Demi Burton was on an Etihad flight from Manchester to Abu Dhabi when she was refused alcohol. In response, she attacked passengers and crew, forcing people to intervene and restrain her.

The 20-year-old has already consumed alcohol when she got on board and continued to drink until the flight crew declined her. She also made uncomfortable sexual references to male passengers during a four-hour tirade, according to reports.

Burton made uncomfortable sexual references during the flight

She reportedly asked two men on the flight to join the “mile high club” and the disturbances lasted for four hours before crew and passengers were forced to restrain her.

She was arrested when the flight landed in Abu Dhabi.

Burton’s defence claimed she had a fear of flying and was apprehensive about meeting her family in Australia.

She will serve six months in prison.

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