The Etihad Rail Connected Abu Dhabi And The National Rail Network

Mayar Ibrahim

Look at the Etihad Rail go! Etihad Rail connected the railway freight terminal at the Industrial City of Abu Dhabi (ICAD) and the UAE National Rail Network.

Etihad Rail connected Abu Dhabi to the UAE National Rail Network!

This is fantastic news! This connection is a major achievement for the Etihad Rail. Plus, it is aligned with the goals of the UAE Railway Programme. Besides, the Industrial City of Abu Dhabi (ICAD) is the largest inland freight railway terminal in the UAE.

Moreover, the Company completed tracklaying works on the new line

They successfully conducted tests on the new line which extends from the borders of Saudi Arabia to the port of Fujairah. Additionally, this achievement comes in lines with the goals of the UAE Railway Programme. Also, it makes the Etihad Rail the largest integrated system for transporting goods and passengers across the country.

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Connecting 11 regions through one rail network!

Final procedures on stage two of Construction on the 145-km UAE rail network are in the works!

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