Etihad Is Generously Gifting Free Ramadan Boxes To People Who Need A Helping Hand


The Holy Month of Ramadan, the month of giving, is upon us.

And while our usual methods for charitable giving, like street donations and the Ramadan Sharing Fridges, may be limited due to COVID-19, this year can be just as special and as valuable (if not more so) by focusing on the good that can be done at home.

Last year Etihad travelled to countries in most need and distributed Ramadan fridges filled with Iftar meals. This year, Etihad is staying home and will be distributing free Ramadan Boxes for medical staff, frontline works, volunteers and anyone in Abu Dhabi who needs a little help.

The Etihad Ramadan Boxes will be delivered to frontline workers and people in need

The ready-made meals and thoughtfully prepared boxes offer the same culinary experience travellers receive onboard

The boxes are filled with carefully considered ingredients, specially created by Etihad chefs, meaning it’s the very same foodie experience you might expect onboard an Etihad flight.

The standout piece of the whole initiative, however, is that the Abu Dhabi airline has partnered with Zomato to help people in need in the capital. If you’re sick, struggling with your income or you simply need a helping hand, Etihad will send you a free Ramadan Box. Amazing!

You simply need to log onto Zomato, proceed to the checkout and add the promo code: ETIHAD to receive a box.


Ramada Kareem from Etihad!


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