Rap God Eminem Had His Concert In The UAE On Friday And Fans Went Ludicrous


How can you stay calm when the OG of the OGs was in town this weekend?! The REAL Slim Shady literally broke down the UAE with his… may we say… MONSTROUS concert at Abu Dhabi’s du Arena on Friday, October 25 as a part of his Kamikaze Tour.

The Eminem weekend was nothing if not EPIC, for which devoted fans were anticipating for months on end. The legend of a rapper performed hits after hits at the capital to an audience of more than 19,000 plus UAE residents and visitors and took them to cloud nine!!

To say that Friday was an unforgettable day for all the Stans in the house, would be a huge understatement.

The American rapper’s gig in Abu Dhabi on Friday left fans HOOKED! You will still find Stans in the UAE in a trance from last night


Saying that the rap god was in his element would be no lie as he smashed the place with his all-time ICONIC hits

Not Afraid, Stan, Love the Way You Lie, White America, Rap God and The Real Slim Shady – just to name a few.

Fans were literally left SPELLBOUND before/during/after (probably till next month as well) the concert

If you look at the video close enough… you might just end up seeing a fan or two in tears.

All you’ll be seeing on stories, feeds, posts, tweets, snaps will be the Stans posting about the Eminem concert ON LOOP

So Stan by!

The UAE has been taken over by the ULTIMATE rap god y’all!


Man loook at that crowd! Some may even say that it’s Ludacris

Sorry, bad pun…


Fans who didn’t get to attend the LEGENDARY Eminem gig, scrolling through their social media feed like…


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