More Food Outlets In Abu Dhabi Will Display Nutritional Information

abu dhabi nutritional info

It’s all about making better choices and healthy eating in Abu Dhabi! The Abu Dhabi Public Health Centre (ADPHC) launched a series of workshops to train hotel and food establishment workers about nutritional information on their menus.

The training programmes will educate 600 workers at food establishments that are registered under the Department of Culture and Tourism (DCT Abu Dhabi). This will hopefully allow for more food outlets to display calories and macro-nutritional info on their menus.

With food outlets across Abu Dhabi displaying calories and nutritional information on their menus, more people will make informed decisions about their food choices

Customers will be empowered with this information and allow them to make a choice about their health, which is ADHPC’s goal to enhance public health.

As most people know, eating a high number of calories can lead to weight gain and other health implications. So, being able to identify the number of calories in meals we eat is essential to our health and necessary to sustain a healthy balanced diet and weight. This initiative will provide the community with the tools to make informed decisions when it comes to their food. Not only can they look at the number of calories, which alone are not indicative of how nutritious a meal is, they can also look at macro-nutrients like fats, proteins and carbohydrates,

said Dr Mariam Al Wahedi, manager of community health at the ADPHC.

Guidelines on displaying nutritional info will be governed by ADPHC. It will continue empowering all participating establishments through periodic progress meetings, access to state of the art digital nutritional analysis software programmes, and training field visits to food establishments.


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