The Internet Loves This Ridiculously Cool Ugandan Kid And He’s Just Arrived In Dubai With An Entourage


A seven-year-old kid, who looks more stylish that most of us can ever hope to be, has just landed in Dubai along with his fully-fledged entourage (as you do), and the only question you need answering is….

Who is this kid?!

Fresh Kid UG, aka Patrick Ssenyonjo has made a name for himself as a talented musician in his home country, Uganda. At just seven he’s been signed by a record label, has caused controversy after a Ugandan Minister suggested he should be in school rather than making music and now he’s in Dubai looking extremely flash, with an entourage in tow and about to get two performances underway.

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Thousands of people tuned in to see the vlogs of his arrival

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Looking like the ultimate cool kid arriving at DXB

He arrived into terminal 3 on Saturday afternoon ahead of two shows, one at the Delmon Hotel In Dubai and another in Abu Dhabi at Rockpool Tryp Hotel.

Ticks still available. More info here.

One of the tunes he’s most famous for

The comments on his posts are majorly supportive of his career

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This is his first trip to Dubai, be we reckon it won’t be his last

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