Shying Away From Hair-Fall Isn’t The Solution But These 5 Products Are


Isn’t it a terrible feeling to leave a mini trail of your hair wherever you go? The hot weather out there can be brutal sometimes for weak hair. No thanks to the stress of this pandemic, hair fall seems to be at an all-time high right now.

Well, Halloween is over so it’s time to say goodbye to dry and damaged hair that just adds to the problem. And, nobody needs any more hair fall issues.

There are a bunch of products out there that you can experiment with to see which fits your hair best. To make life a bit easier for you, this is a roundup of some of the nicest ones out there that might just do the trick for you so read on.

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6. Bring on the Biotin with this thickening Thick and Full Biotin And Collagen Shampoo by OGX 

Biotin is hair food in all its glory. OGX is a trusted name when it comes to rejuvenated and healthy hair. This Thick and Full Biotin and Collagen shampoo, in particular, was created to add in all the protein your hair is missing which will make those skinny strands look a lot thicker and fuller – no matter your hair type.

Get the healthiest locks on Noon for ONLY AED 48.50

5. Give your hair the goodness of this alcohol-free ECO Black Castor And Flaxseed Oil Professional Styling Gel

Flaxseed gel and castor oil are super important ingredients for hair growth and what better way to give your hair all of that nourishment than with just a scoop of this gel. It promises to work around your hair using a blend of organic ingredients that help in improving hair metabolism and retaining moisture.

Get this smooth textured, skin-friendly goodness at Noon for just AED 95

4. Everyone knows and trusts Pantene to get the job done. Their 2-Piece Miracle Anti-Hair Fall Set is all you need to escape hair fall

All you need is these two products to get rid of your hair fall worries. Lucky for you, Pantene has bundled them up at Noon for AED 26.75

3. Put caffeine to good use for your hair with Sebamed’s Anti Hair Loss Shampoo

This shampoo by Sebamed contains 5.5. pH levels so you don’t have to worry about using anything too harsh. It contains Caffeine and Ginkgo biloba which helps to reduce hair loss while getting rid of any excess oil or dandruff.

You can get this super convenient, soap and alkali-free shampoo at Noon for AED 37

2. Men, listen up! Treat the problem from within with a Pack Of 30 Densifique Ampoule Treatment Kit by Kerastase

These amazing capsules contain substances that mimic stem cells and will awaken your dormant hair follicles and promote more hair growth. They are super simple to apply and promise to increase your hair density making them look thicker and fuller.

Buy this kit specially created for men at Noon for AED 710

1. Get in those roots with Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Strong Roots Spray

It takes a lot to get healthy hair and most of that prep begins at the roots. Give your roots all some coconut oil pampering, minus the sulfates and parabens. This lovely product can be used on colour treated hair as well to reverse the damage and help in hair growth.

Bring this spray to your doorstep from Noon for AED 103.65

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