‘Hazardous’ Dusty Weather To Sweep Over The UAE Until Sunday

‘Hazardous’ Dusty Weather To Sweep Over The UAE Until Sunday

All over social media, UAE residents are sharing the dusty air that’s blanketed their city. If their view was once the Dubai Eye or Burj Khalifa, now it’s a mist of grey and brown.

The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) issued a nationwide alert of hazardous weather due to dust and sand.

These vexing conditions in the UAE are expected to last until Sunday, May 22

The warning came a day after a sandstorm hit Abu Dhabi and Dubai, reducing the visibility by a few km

The air quality has been deficient in Abu Dhabi and Dubai as a result. Many weather apps stated that the Live AQI Index was at 808 and ‘hazardous.’ The weather app also indicated that temperatures reached 37°C in Dubai but it ‘felt like’ 45°C and humidity levels reached 60%.

Dubai usually experiences rough levels of pollution during the summer months. Extreme heat, high humidity mixed with intense sunlight and car fumes cause pollution to accumulate within the city.

You can protect yourself by:

– Wearing a mask outdoors

– Running an air purifier at home

– Closing your windows

– Avoiding outdoor exercise

Reminder: tread with caution as these storms can aggravate asthma, viruses, bacteria, dust mites & fungi!

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