The First Emirati Astronaut Will Stream Videos Of Prayers During His Journey To The ISS


Today is FINALLY the day that Emirati astronaut, Hazza AlMansoori, takes on space- a first for the UAE and the Arab world.

Prior to his departure to space, AlMansoori and the rest of his co-astronauts answered questions during the pre-launch press conference.

An interesting point came in, when Hazza revealed how he used to pray while flying his jet and he’s all set to perform his prayers onboard the ISS during the eight-day stay.

His prayers will be live-streamed on board the ISS

When asked about being able to pray on board,  35-year-old AlMansoori said…

“For the prayer, we have flexibility for this in our religion. As a fighter pilot, I already used to pray in my aircraft. I use to fly with high speed and pray. It’s not something that’s new to me, but it will be different while on the ISS. It’s a different scenario. I will be recording this and show everyone how I will pray while just pointing to Earth. I will share it with everyone.”

‘I want to inspire the youth’

When asked what Hazza Al Mansoori wanted to achieve from the Soyuz MS-15 space mission, he related the response back to his children and hopefully inspiring the youth.

“I have good connection with my kids. I know it gives hope for the next generation so they can work hard. I will do well in this mission and I will come back for my kids.” 

The entire UAE is proud of this mission fulfilling the founding father, Sheikh Zayed’s dream

Dream come true, indeed

Emiratis, expats and people around the world also share their emotions of pride towards this historic day

“We wish you a successful journey”

Goosebumps- even the kids are excited and anticipate the launch

Catch the UAE’s historic space mission LIVE

Live streaming for the UAE’s inclusion on a space journey to the ISS station will commence from 5.57 pm-onwards.

You can watch it on Dubai TV, or on the MBRSC website.


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