WATCH: This Hilarious Dubai VS Abu Dhabi ‘Dad Joke’ Will Get You Giggling All Day


If you are a UAE resident… and a 90s baby then you are going to be in TEARS within the next few seconds!

Because an Abu Dhabi based resident named Ahmed Carter just shared a throwback video of an episode of the ‘All Def Digital, Dad Jokes’ on his Twitter handle and it’s safe to say he had his followers in hysteria.

In the Ron vs. Chinedu episode, Chinedu asks Ron what’s the difference between Dubai and Abu Dhabi and the rest is… history (pun intended)

This is probably the best throwback on the internet right now!!

The #TB video posted by Ahmed has been viewed over 37k times

You’re not the only one re-watching this video multiple time sis! #Sameboat

20s kids have just left the building

Here is the full episode Ron vs. Chinedu episode. Yo’welcome!

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