The Israeli PM Makes A Presence On Abu Dhabi Television


Four days after UAE and Israel began to form a better relationship, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has made a historic presence on Abu Dhabi’s ‘Sky News Arabia’ Channel.

In the interview, Netanyahu commented that the Trump administration had requested him to stop the Israeli law temporarily because the top priority at the moment was to expand the circle of peace.

“The Americans told us that they wanted to expand the framework of peace, and that is our highest priority right now: expanding the circle of peace.”

“Well, this was an American request, for a moment, to suspend the application of Israeli law, and we agreed,” he said.

Telephone services between the two countries has also opened up since Sunday and potentially direct flights may also open up soon.

The UAE and Israeli government have jointly stated that the opening up of flights between both countries is something that will be discussed over the due course of time

Praising the UAE for taking the step, Netanyahu also said that he believes that other Arab countries will follow suit and also sign deals with Israel.

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