Dubai Residents Are Feeling The Burn With Both Temperature And Humidity Levels Soaring


Dubai is all set to leave Abu Dhabi behind in the race of rising weather temperatures.

As this week… mostly by Monday temperatures in Dubai are predicted to sore up to 45°C, that will be a couple of degrees hotter than the levels in the capital!!

Humidity levels and the temperature will mostly be reaching the peaks by the afternoon and will remain scorching till the evening, when people are advised to remain indoors or air-conditioned environments.

Dubai residents have expressed their heat related frustrations on Twitter! Where someone’s AC is on the verge of giving up life and another one has accurately GIF’ed on Dubai’s weather

The wrath of Mother Nature is real you guys!

Ok this is so ON POINT

All prayers are going out to you for your AC right now

Doesn’t everyone love a great Afro… thanks UAE humidity, much appreciated

But on the bright side there will be slight breezes to cool down the cities just a little bit


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